Cuba Shows Off In Paris

 Earlier this month tourism took centre stage in Paris at the World Tourism Hall in the Exhibition Park of Porte de Versailles. There hundreds representatives from some of the world's most well-known destinations assembled to promote their offerings to Parisians preparing to make 2012 holiday plans. Cuba was among the Caribbean nations represented, all vying for their share of the lucrative French market.

For decades Cuba has struggled as a travel destination due to her communist government and very weak economy. In fact, Cuba luxury holidays were rarely at the top of the list for Europeans heading overseas. But since the political shift which saw Fidel Castro's brother took over leadership, the Cuban government has shifted gears and is now aggressively pushing tourism. Old, run down resorts from Cuba's glory days are being restored, new luxury resorts are being opened, and private ownership of tourism-related businesses is being encouraged.

According to the most recent numbers out of Havana the effort is paying off. In 2011 the country saw a significant rise in the number of arrivals over 2010, most notably from Argentina which was up nearly 11%. And although the vast majority of visitors to Cuba come from South America, the French and the British are also contributed to the increase. If Cuba can convince the United States to allow more flights to and from their country it's possible European visitors could surpass South Americans by the end of this year.

Cuba represents a unique holiday for those who have already travelled to other Caribbean islands, the Mediterranean, and the Indian Ocean. Because Cuba has been off limits for so long there is a certain mystique and curiosity among those who desire to travel there. Journalists who have made the trek have reported finding a people and a culture completely unlike what most of us have been led to believe over the years. They write about very friendly locals that welcome visitors into their daily lives and routines without reservation.

The rich history of Cuba is also a fascination to many Europeans who visit there. Throw in gorgeous Caribbean weather and very good prices and you have a travel destination which is slowly but surely climbing on the scale of relevance. Cuba is gradually becoming the chic place to go for travellers who want to be on the cutting edge.

As part of Cuba's exhibition in Paris, the Tourism and Health Company was present to showcase the island as a destination for medical tourism. That is the burgeoning market in the Caribbean right now so it stands to reason that Cuba wants in on the action. We'll see how well she does in that regard in the months and years ahead.

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Article Source: Keith_M_Howard

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